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At Allegro, we're dedicated to reimagining the delivery experience for both consumers and merchants. Our mission is to create a seamless, efficient, and delightful experience from the moment customers browse our site to the moment merchants fulfill their orders. To lead this transformative mission, we are searching for a visionary Group Director (Product & Engineering)  with a passion for innovation and a proven track record in the Delivery Experience domain.

As the Group Director - Delivery Experience, you will be the driving force behind the development and enhancement of our delivery experience for both consumers and merchants. You will lead diverse teams across various domains, including Delivery on the Customer Path, Delivery Prediction, Delivery Post Purchase, Operations, Competence Centers, and more. Your mission is to foster innovation, improve efficiency, and elevate satisfaction for both our consumers and our merchant partners.

Why should you apply?

As the leader of this strategic product area, your primary responsibilities encompass overseeing all aspects of the product, including customer experience, tools for sellers, and integration with warehouse management systems. You will design and execute a comprehensive plan for the area and, in collaboration with a business team partner, establish a short-term and mid-term strategy spanning three years. Building and nurturing a team of product/tech specialists and managers falls under your purview. Additionally, you will work in collaboration with an international team to devise solutions for both buyers and sellers in Central and Eastern Europe, and you will have the opportunity to engage in practical projects involving Machine Learning and Location Intelligence using real BIG DATA.

Key responsibilities:

Delivery Experience:

Delivery on Customer Path: Revolutionize the delivery experience along the entire customer journey, from the home page to checkout, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for consumers.

Delivery Prediction: Lead the development of a cutting-edge prediction engine and merchant incentivization strategies to enhance delivery accuracy and efficiency.

Delivery Post Purchase: Oversee the development of parcel tracking, pick-up experiences, and returns & claims solutions, offering a best-in-class post-purchase experience for both consumers and merchants


One Delivery Customer & Merchant Facing: Elevate the customer and merchant-facing operations, ensuring an exceptional and user-friendly experience for both parties.

One Delivery Logistics Operations: Optimize logistics operations to ensure timely and efficient deliveries for consumers and seamless order fulfillment for merchants.

One Fulfillment: Implement fulfillment strategies to enhance the merchant's experience, ensuring quick and accurate order processing.

Group 1P ERP: Lead the development and implementation of a Group 1P Enterprise Resource Planning system to streamline operations for both consumers and merchants.

Group Warehouse Management Systems: Improve and optimize our warehouse management systems to ensure efficient product handling and order fulfillment for merchants.

Carrier Management: Oversee carrier management strategies to ensure smooth and cost-effective transportation for both consumers and merchants.

Competence Centers:

DEX Analytics: Provide data-driven insights to support the improvement of the delivery experience, operations, and 1P functions for both consumers and merchants.

Location Intelligence: Utilize location intelligence to optimize operations, with potential expansion into various areas to benefit both consumers and merchants.

We are looking for:

  • A client focused technology leader with a strong tech/biz mindset and proven experience in product management and engineering leadership
  • A deep understanding of the delivery experience, logistics, and operations, with a focus on delivering value to both consumers and merchants will be a great asset.
  • Strong technical background with experience in software development or related fields.
  • Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Drive and a willingness to take ownership for bold decisions
  • An ability to think strategically
  • Strong analytical skills, data and performance focus 
  • Strong operational efficiency, effectiveness, process thinking 
  • A senior manager able to lead and develop a large, fast-growing technology organization
  • The ability to work in a large organization and effectively collaborate across departments
  • The ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and partners
  • Effective, highly communicative oral and written skills 
  • A strategic mentality and validated ability to develop credibility with senior leadership and C-suite executives 
  • Experience in consumer-facing products and operations automation
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Why is it worth working with us?

  • You will lead the efforts of a key area at Allegro that is responsible for delivery experience (a team of both engineers and product specialists)
  • You will assume responsibility for the design and execution of a plan for your area
  • Together with stakeholders and partners, you will create a long-term strategy
  • You will be responsible for building and developing a team of excellent product/tech specialists and managers
  • You will collaborate with an international team


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