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The Pricing Team fuels our company's growth and resilience. We're a dedicated group of strategists and analysts shaping pricing strategies aligned with our vision. Collaborating across teams, we dissect market trends, consumer behavior, and conduct experiments to optimize prices. Our focus is on maximizing profits while maintaining competitiveness, navigating the dynamic market with agility for sustained success. 

What will be your main duties? 

  • Business Understanding: You will develop an in-depth grasp of our business model, product landscape, and competitive environment. 

  • Strategy Development & Implementation: You will devise and execute pricing strategies that harmonize with our company's goals, ensuring their seamless integration across operations. 

  • Market Analysis: You will evaluate market trends, competitor pricing tactics, and consumer behavior to identify opportunities and potential challenges, adjusting strategies accordingly. 

  • Segmentation & Pricing Optimization: You will segment products/categories based on demand sensitivity and price elasticity, establishing optimal pricing structures. 

  • Experimentation & Testing: You will conduct pricing experiments and A/B tests to ascertain the most effective pricing strategies for various products. 

  • Competitor Monitoring: You will continuously monitor competitors' pricing and market positioning, recommending adjustments to maintain our competitive edge.

  • Value Proposition Development: You will identify unique selling points and value propositions to substantiate pricing decisions. 

  • Profit Maximization: You will analyze product margins and profitability, ensuring pricing decisions strike a balance between maximizing profits and retaining competitiveness. 

  • Data Analysis & Reporting: You will collect and analyze pricing performance, sales trends, and customer behavior data. Generate actionable insights through reports to guide pricing strategies. 

  • Data-Driven Recommendations: You will leverage data-driven insights to identify improvement areas and propose actionable recommendations. 

What skills and experience will help you to excel? 

  • Language skills: You’re fluent in Czech (C2) and English (C1+)

  • Pricing Models and Dynamic Pricing Software: You have comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with various pricing models and proficiency in utilizing dynamic pricing software to optimize pricing strategies.  

  • Strong Analytical and Statistical Skills: You are proficient in analytical thinking, coupled with robust mathematical and statistical abilities, enabling insightful interpretation of data for informed decision-making.  

  • Financial Conceptualization: You have a sound comprehension of financial concepts, facilitating the analysis of pricing impact on margins, profitability, and overall financial performance.  

  • Implementing New Processes & Change Management: You are able to prove expertise in introducing and managing new processes, displaying adeptness in change management within an organizational context. 

  • Strong Business Acumen: You have a keen understanding of business principles, market dynamics, and consumer behavior, that is allowing you for strategic alignment of pricing strategies with broader business objectives. 

  • Project Management: You are able to demonstrate project management skills, ensuring efficient execution of pricing-related initiatives, from conceptualization to implementation and evaluation. 

  • Leadership Potential: You don’t need to have direct leadership experience, but you should be able to demonstrate a potential for leadership, including the ability to collaborate effectively, inspire a team, and drive initiatives forward. 

Why is it a good idea to join us? 

  • You’ll get our employee benefits, such as: 

  • 29 days off ⛱️ (20 vacation days, 5 Relax Days, 3 sick days, Volunteer Day) plus time off to care for a family member. 

  • Do you want to fulfill your creative or traveling dream ⛰️🧑‍🎨? No problem, after one year you can take sabbatical leave, i.e. up to an extra month off. And after two years, you're even entitled to two months off! 

  • You’ll get meal vouchers, which you can use at lots of cool companies, or you can choose a meal voucher as a lump sum 🍽️ 

  • We care about the health of our employees, so you can get a Multisport card at a discounted price. 💪 

  • We have Cafeteria, monthly pension contributions, and Health Days for our employees. 

  • Flexible working hours - depending on a position and responsibilities, you can adjust the start and end of your day. 🕔 

  • Have you just had a baby, or do you want to accompany your child to their first day of school? We will support you in everything! 👶 

  • We value our employees, therefore you will be entitled to a reward for your years of service. 

What can you expect from us after you send your résumé? 

  • Bartek, your potential future manager, and Jan from Talent Acquisition Team will review your résumé and other materials you might have sent. 

  • Jan will then get in touch with you via a short phone call, where we will discuss your background and motivation. If everything is alright, we will schedule an online interview and prior to that, you’ll get a business case to prepare at home. 

  • During the interview, you’re going to present that business case and we’ll be talking about your motivation, prior experience, and your expectations of the role. 

  • After that if expiations of both sides will be full field, then we will invite you for a second interview with someone from the team to get to know each other better.  

  • If everything goes alright, we’re going to extend you an offer; otherwise, we will provide you with feedback from our side on what to do better in the future. 

As you’re applying to a multinational team, please send us your resume/CV in English. Thank you! 



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