A journey through the e-Xperience Talent Program - interview with Rafał Kruszyna | Allegro Jobs

A journey through the e-Xperience Talent Program – interview with Rafał Kruszyna

Allegro's e-Xperience program is a 6-month internship, providing an opportunity for students and young professionals to gain practical knowledge, learn new skills and boost their careers. In this article, we delve into what makes it the perfect stepping stone for your professional aspirations. 

How did your journey to Allegro look like?

I knew that Allegro, being one of the most recognizable brands in Poland, would give me great opportunities for development. So when I saw an ad for an internship in the mobile technology team on social media - I immediately started preparing my resume. 

The recruitment process itself set Allegro apart from other companies with its transparency and structure - from competency tests testing knowledge of good programming practices or even cryptology and networking issues, to an interview where I had the opportunity to meet my future superiors.

What are your daily tasks as an intern?

Together with my team, we work on the mini-apps found in Allegro's mobile application, such as Barcode Scanner, which allows you to scan the barcode of any product and quickly find it on Allegro, or Recurring Shopping, which suggests replenishing consumable products. 

In the beginning, I was gradually introduced to tasks, starting with fixing minor bugs in the code and participating in the creation of simple functionalities, so that today I can contribute to projects on an equal basis with the rest of the team. 

Our latest project is Shaker - a mini-app that, when you shake your phone, shows you products at promotional prices - even for 1 zloty! I can divide my work into several areas: creating the look of the application element and the way it works, and receiving the data that will be needed for this process. I must admit that creating functionalities that will be used by tens or even hundreds of thousands of users gives great satisfaction.

What are the biggest advantages of participating in the e-Xperience program?

The e-Xperience program is focused on participants' development and retention, as can be seen from the numerous people who have stayed here permanently - two of them are even on my team and today they are introducing new interns to the team. I also take advantage of many development opportunities, such as the introductory training on testing, thanks to which I know how to avoid mistakes in the code I write, or the Allegro Tech Meeting, where I listened to many interesting presentations. 

What makes it good to be here?

Definitely the people. From the very first day, I was surprised by the atmosphere and support in my team, whose members devoted a lot of time to me, giving me tips and helping me understand all the tools and technologies used in our daily work. Allegro is not just a company, but a real community.

Rafał Kruszyna
e-Xperience Program Associate