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Development opportunities

We want to see you grow and foster your talent! That's why at Allegro you get a lot of opportunities to do so. We know there are many ways to make it possible – we provide you with various development opportunities which allow you to plan and shape your own development path. Don't worry, we'll support you along the way!

What can you do to grow with us?

Get better every day

Doing your thing is the best way to develop. By engaging in your everyday tasks, looking for improvements and taking up exciting challenges or responsibilities, you get a chance to actively challenge your skills and gain knowledge in practice. We encourage each other to dive into ambitious projects and do new things. That's how you can monitor what you already know and gain valuable experience.

Explore new opportunities

We support you in trying new things and challenging yourself. We offer various possibilities of temporal change of position, project or working area. Thanks to it you can broaden your knowledge, help the new team with your skills and explore new possibilities of further development. It also allows you to build new relationships and widen your perspective on the challenges faced by individual teams.

Enjoy knowledge sharing

At Allegro it goes both ways. Here, you can learn from some of the best experts who are more than eager to share their expertise and best practices. But we also give you a chance to share your knowledge – e.g. during many conferences and events, being an internal trainer or mentor, writing on the company's blog, or being a guest on our podcast. It's a perfect way to build your personal brand too! And if you ever feel like learning something new, there are available internal training sessions and workshops, educational paths and programs opportunities (both online and offline).

Start growing at Allegro!

Join Allegro e-Xperience – a one-of-a-kind talent development program for those who are starting their personal career and those who want to change its direction.