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Senior Product Manager - Data&AI
Director of Product & Engineering (DEX)
Engineering Team Manager (Java/Kotlin) - TP&O
Director of Product & Engineering (Customer Acquisition & Engagement)
Database Engineer
Poznan, Warsaw
Data Analyst (Pricing)
Front-End Software Engineer - Ads
Data Analyst (Corporate Functions)
Contractor Software Engineer (Java/Kotlin)
Warsaw, Poznań
Product Manager - Ads

Allegro Tech & Data

Our everyday job is far beyond mediocre. As one of the Allegro areas, we deal with advanced technologies and a scale of operation that still surprises even us. ~10 thousand servers, over 30 million searches daily – and we could go on with these numbers.


In our teams, you really get to challenge your IT skills and shape the Allegro solutions and services – Ceneo price comparison website, Allegro Pay and Allegro Smart!, parcel lockers, mobile app and many more!


Are you ready for this?

Check out 8 areas where you can join us:

Merchant Experience

Our team deals with all processes related to our merchants. From acquiring new customers, through guiding them through the registration process, verification and account configuration, listing and editing offers and products, managing orders, providing sales statistics, handling billing and price lists, and ending with integrations via API. We help merchants grow their sales by developing Allegro Ads service and ensuring Allegro is price competitive so consumers would not find cheaper products elsewhere. We focus on code quality and an agile approach in the implementation of tasks using hexagonal architecture. Every day, no matter the team, we face exciting challenges related to the huge scale of traffic, data volume and scaling solutions to meet the needs of customers and the business.

Consumer Experience

We don't just work on consumer experience. We work on the best customer experience. From entering the home page, through the process of browsing, searching and comparing offers, we thoroughly guide users through the process of purchase and post-purchase service as smoothly as possible and with the best conditions - free deliveries with Smart!, access to vast selection of products in attractive prices. We support all available platforms (web, mobile web, iOS, Android) and work in a group of over 40 teams composed of engineers with various competencies, and we cooperate with designers, researchers, and analysts. Every month we conduct dozens of experiments, test hundreds of variants, analyze their results and draw conclusions. Our team is responsible for external traffic of thousands of requests per second and we have hundreds of millions of records in our databases, microservice architecture on the backend, as well as micro frontends.

Technical Platform & Services

Our department is responsible for all the foundations of Allegro. We provide workstations to all Allegro Employees along with required software and tooling. We continuously provide a modern and efficient development ecosystem for hundreds international product teams in Allegro, as well as tooling for the customer-facing departments. We also provide infrastructure and standardized technology which powers the entire Allegro platform, from our own Data Centers and Private Cloud solutions, through deployments and pipelines automation, to SDKs, security and compliance tooling. In short: this is us who makes sure that Allegro is always available, performant, secure, and our employees have an efficient work environment, proper tools and modern technology to build Allegro products efficiently, and serve one of the best customer support on the market. Some of the projects we’re responsible for are: Allegro Mobile Application building tools and frameworks, content platforms which enables product teams to build quickly and easily for Web and Mobile, backend frameworks and SDKs standardizing and speeding up backend development, monitoring and logging tools, virtual testing environments, customer service platform for easy development of administrative tools for customers, or even Developers Portal serving as UI for our serverless solutions where developers can spring up their services quickly, without extensive devops knowledge.

Delivery Experience

We anticipate the delivery time. We're an essential part of the whole delivery experience on the customer path. We’re responsible for calculations with statistical algorithms and Machine Learning engine that provides its predictions of delivery time (more than 12,000 times per second). We choose the delivery methods best suited to the customer (traffic up to 1000 rps, response in 200 ms), as well as carry out integrations with courier companies, thanks to which, among others, free Smart! delivery is possible (up to 500 shipment status changes per second!). Our key output is to provide the most convenient way to deliver products to our customers. Delivery Experience is also one of the fastest growing areas in which we implement new, complex and ambitious projects, such as Allegro Fulfillment (logistics service for sellers in our warehouses) or Allegro One (network of automated parcel machines and pick-up points and own courier operations).

Data & AI

The brain of the entire Allegro. Here, we implement projects based on a practical application of artificial intelligence and Data Science (e.g. search engine and recommendations, customer service automation, fraud detection) on a scale unprecedented in Poland. In order to effectively implement ML solutions and automate existing processes, we need the support of inquisitive and experienced engineers. The ones willing to create stable, high-performance solutions (e.g. support for millions of RPS in the search engine) and combine these services with batch and stream processing analyzing real BigData (also in the public cloud). Data & AI department means Data Science Hub where we create solutions based on Data Science/Machine Learning for business teams at Allegro, as well as Machine Learning Research – Allegro research and development laboratory created to introduce innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

Allegro Pay

We create solutions thanks to which Allegro customers gain full freedom in shopping - they can pay for them later or divide the payment into smaller parts. In the Data & AI Allegro Pay area, we are responsible for processes and products that use a variety of data, Machine Learning models or more advanced algorithms. From the technological side, we take care of handling payments using the Allegro Pay method, providing a CRM tool for customer service teams and covering all these processes with automatic tests. In our teams, we deal with the introduction and development of new functionalities in the onboarding, sales, postsales, and insurance area. We are also responsible for the maintenance and development of the Allegro Pay technical platform, development platform, and infrastructure, as well as Allegro Pay and Allegro Care mobile (Android, iOS) and web fronts. We maintain mutual integration with credit databases, AIS/PSD2, and service providers, debt collection services, as well as support consumer and process databases, consent databases, and a notification module.

Prague Development Centre

Our team is responsible for operating and maintaining the existing Mall and CZC platforms, which includes both 1P and 3P operations in multiple countries. Additionally, we are supporting the successful launch of Allegro platform and business operations on the new platform. The team works with state-of-the-art tech in a heterogeneous environment - using multiple stacks in a distributed microservice architecture.

Experience Design & Insights

We're a team and a community of +150 talented designers, UX analysts, researchers, UX writers, and communication experts. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating memorable user experiences, our team is instrumental in bringing products to life and shaping the future of shopping & selling experiences. Our mission is to make shopping and selling as convenient as possible. We possess a deep understanding of design principles, industry trends, and user behavior, and experiment with new methods and work collaboratively to conceptualize, prototype, and refine products until they're ready for market. We're always looking for ways to improve and develop our Design System to ensure long-term success. As members of this expert team, we understand the privilege of our position and are eager to share our knowledge with the wider community. One way we achieve this is through organizing events such as the UX Research Confetti conference.

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We’re a bunch of tech geeks and by bunch we mean over 1700 specialists excited about their job here. Who wouldn’t be? Being part of Allegro Tech means working on large-scale projects that no one else has worked
on before – and showing others how we do it. That’s the coolest part.

We love to share our expertise and we’re doing it in many different ways! Writing blog articles, recording podcasts, organizing hackathons or the legendary Allegro Tech Meeting, and lecturing on various conferences – chances are you’ve already met some of us there.

Once you become part of our tech community, you get the opportunity
to do all these things with us. We provide you with all the necessary tools
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You get space for testing your ideas and deciding on the technology used. Allegro team trusts its people – after all, we work with the best specialists out there.

Support of professionals

You work with first-class experts who are eager to share their knowledge. The flow of our know-how within the company is really smooth!


Here, your code makes a difference and shapes one of the leading e-commerce in Europe. No wonder, since our platform handles over 30 million searches daily.

Big data

A really big one. We use and analyze thousands of pieces of information so that we deliver solutions responding to the real needs of our users. We store and process tens of petabytes of data in public cloud-based solutions like Google Cloud or MS Azure.

Unique scale

When we say that create solutions on a great scale, we really mean it: - 1K+ microservices, - Hermes, open source message bus, 300K+ rps, - Service Mesh, 1M+ rps, - 700+ MongoDB databases, …and more.

Cool opportunities

Developing ourselves, trying new things and working as we like. That's how it is here!

Team tourism

Share your knowledge and gain new skills while working temporarily in a different team.


Choose among many webinars and trainings available on the platform and develop both your technical and soft skills.

English classes

Get fluent in a form that suits you – courses, discussion clubs and workshops. As English is our corporate language, the classes are fully paid by Allegro.

Internal TECH events

Learn with and directly from your colleagues – during internal conferences, hackathons, workshops, and knowledge exchanges.

Hybrid work

Enjoy a flexible working model – come to one of our comfy offices or stay at home whenever you need it.

A user-friendly recruitment process

This is what you can expect after application.


Devskiller task

A chance to show us your code – if it meets our needs, we'll see you in the next recruitment stage.


Technical interview

Divided into three segments – a technical workshop, language test and a discussion on algorithm - and architecture-related subjects.



You, your future team or department leader and an HR specialist. The perfect time to talk about each other’s expectations. We're ready to answer all your questions!

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Remember when we said we're a bunch of tech geeks? We weren't joking. We love to share knowledge and engage in different projects. See what we are doing and what you will be able to do with us.