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Front-end Software Engineer
Delivery Sales Manager
Expert, Delivery Network Development
Koordynator ds. utrzymania automatów paczkowych
Ekspert ds. Infrastruktury Automatów Paczkowych/R&D Expert
Junior Middle Mile Specialist
Piotrków Trybunalski
Engineering Team Manager (DevOps & SysOps)
Depo manažer Ejpovice
Dispečer/ka Plzeň
Team Leader, Last Mile Expansion

Delivery Experience

We are responsible for building and developing the entire supply chain for order delivery on our e-commerce platform. We strive to create sustainable solutions that will help us grow our business in a responsible way – this approach is what makes us constantly improve our delivery services and work on new, even more environmentally friendly ones.

One of such green solutions we developed is Allegro One, thanks to which we’re able to introduce not only more convenient but also more sustainable parcel machines – powered by renewable energy sources and covered with vegetation.

Check out 7 areas where you can join us:


We're true project management wizards. We make sure all the projects we work on are delivered according to business objectives and on time. Our job includes implementing process management, maintaining up-to-date roadmap status, and project documentation. In addition to that, we're also responsible for preparing projects portfolio, as well as reviews of our quarterly plans.

Group Fulfillment Operations / Proprietary Delivery Operations

Our goal is to provide both our customers and merchants with the best logistics service available on the market, ensuring order on-time dispatch and keeping costs under control. We work with strategic planning to cover the volume requirement. In addition to that, our job, we also manage the real estate to our current and possible logistic locations, as well as provide maintenance services for our warehouse automation systems

Merchant Fulfilled Network

Our team works on increasing the speed and convenience of deliveries to improve customer delivery experience. To achieve these goals, we create and provide an initial evaluation of business initiatives, as well as deliver tools and incentives for merchants. Thanks to our everyday efforts, we build customers' trust for the predicted delivery times.

Last Mile Expansion and Infrastructure

We find and contract appropriate locations for our Last Mile solutions – collection points and automated parcel machines. When it comes to APM, we are also responsible for researching new features and improvements, as well as managing construction works to physically install the machines and supply them with electricity. Our goal is to maximize the up time of our proprietary delivery network for Allegro customers.

One Delivery Product & DEX Communication

Our job is simple – to facilitate the logistic experience on Allegro platform by building awareness of delivery options. We promote and educate on each delivery partner. We are also responsible for the development and communication of One Curier – Allegro's own delivery method. We want to become the logistic operator of choice not only for customers but also for merchants by providing a logistic method that supports their business. We bring live One Box parcel machines and implement solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of our products and operations.

Delivery Operations

We're a team of on-time delivery specialists who ensure that customers' orders are delivered within the expected timeframe. We provide variable, flexible, and convenient courier services (same day delivery, next day delivery) and types (2door, APM, PUDO). It is also us who are responsible for gathering the parcels from Merchants according to the order conditions, sorting and transporting the parcels, and, eventually, delivering them efficiently to final clients.

Carrier Management

The goal of our team is to improve customers' delivery convenience and maintain delivery excellence. Every day, we make it possible by nurturing mutually beneficial relations with our partners and carriers. We're responsible for introducing new delivery options for merchants and buyers – that's how we ensure new business growth opportunities and the best delivery experience on the market.

Meet the team

Our Delivery Experience team means a dozen experts from various areas: real estate, business development, logistics, CSR, analytics, and product management. This mix of competencies brings us closer to our goal – making the Allegro platform the first choice when it comes to easy and comfortable delivery.

If you ask us what’s our superpower, the answer is diversity and openness. We believe that everyone here can effectively contribute to the development of Allegro platform and shape its strategy. Our ideas are always listened to!

You will love it here

We don’t like to brag. We just know that there are some things you will
appreciate – and that will make you wanna join our Allegro team.


Here, you get to build from scratch pioneering solutions that transform the e-commerce market. Example? One Fulfillment logistics service offered to our business partners.

Unique scale

We operate worldwide, providing leading logistics solutions to our customers in 24 EU markets!

Support of professionals

Our DEX Business team has great expertise in logistics. You will get a chance to learn from them and explore new business fields and possibilities.


With our scale of operations, we know we have a great impact on the environment. That's why we create standards of sustainable logistics processes – i.e. by launching over half a million recycled packaging in 2021.

We thought that you might also like some things that improve your out-of-office time as well.

Cool opportunities

We develop not only technologies but also ourselves. That's how it is here!

English classes

Get fluent in a form that suits you–courses, discussion clubs and workshops.

Internal trainers

Learn directly from your colleagues.

Hybrid work

Enjoy a flexible working model–come to one of our comfy offices or stay at home whenever you need it.

Recruitment process

This is what you can expect after application.


Online application


Phone Screen


Language test


Interview with Hiring Manager and Recruiter


Business case


Interview with Hiring Manager + and Stakeholder


Interview - (additional/optional, for selected roles)

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