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Help us provide a top-of-the-top customer service to our business partners and clients and make online shopping easy!

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Allegro Customer Experience

Saying that we are a support center would be a big understatement. We’re the ones who provide the best experience to people using our platform – both customers and business partners. And the way we do it depends on the team we work with.

Check out 6 areas where you can join us:

Customer Service

We take care of the entire customer journey, enabling quick and easy problem-solving on each of its stages – from the moment of choosing the product and type of delivery through the entire customer journey in Allegro. One of our key goals is to build loyalty and trust among Allegro customers.

Partner Support

Our job is to help our business partners develop and grow their brands. We do it by creating the best e-commerce environment to do so. Experts from our teams provide support regarding various Allegro platforms and services – Allegro, eBilet, AllegroPay, Smart!, LastMile, Fulfillment, Courier,,, WEDO, Mimovrste.

Channels Development and Communication

Depending on the team, we are responsible for different things – developing the chatbot, monitoring discussions and mentions on our company on the Internet, collecting information and creating reports for other teams. We also provide both buyers and sellers with information on novelties, updates, and regulation changes on all our platforms.

Engagement and Development

Here, we focus on employee experience. Our main task is to take care of co-worker engagement and motivation. We support Allegro people in the realization of ambitious goals, as well as in developing their skills – by organizing various trainings and workshops. We are also responsible for the organizational newsletter, ensuring transparent communication within the CX department.

Operational Excellence

We help to ensure the highest quality of our CX services by providing co-workers with the right resources. Our team is responsible for managing the customers' and business partners' satisfaction surveys. We are also the ones who analyze the results and report them.

Trust & Safety

Our goal is to make Allegro the most trustworthy e-commerce platform. In our everyday work we eliminate fraudulent transactions and prevent other breaches, as well as hinder publishing low-quality offers. We are also responsible for developing anti-counterfeiting policies and tools.

Meet the team

A wide field of provided support requires a wide range of knowledge, so that’s what we have here! We’re now around 1300 specialists from different areas (research, quality, soft skills, customer service, social media, product management, chatbot design, communication, NPS, security) who are ready to provide help via e-mails, chats, phones, messaging apps, and social media.


Messenger/ WhatsApp


Social Media

Allegro Gadane

Being part of such a diversified team is the key to our success. We won’t lie if we say that we know the answer to every question that may arise among our customers or business partners. Allegro customer satisfaction score measure by NPS is now 78.

Work with the best out there

Our common efforts are appreciated – and the awards we got in recent years prove it.

5 Service Quality Stars

4 Polish Contact Center Awards

Recognition in Polish National Sales Awards

You will love it here

We don’t like to brag. We just know that there are some things you will
appreciate ­– and that will make you wanna join our Allegro team.


Working in our CX department is about looking for solutions outside the box on a daily basis. That's why you can't get bored here!

Support of professionals

You get to work with first-class experts who are eager to share their knowledge. The flow of our know-how within the company is really smooth!

Unique scale

When we say our actions affect millions of Allegro platform users, we really mean it. Example? Our customers and business partners contact us over 100 K times weekly!


The working atmosphere here is one-of-a-kind. Just like people – not only ready to help you, but also to support you when it comes to development. And they're great coffee-break buddies too.

Our benefits

We thought that you might also like some things that improve your out-of-office time as well. A little sneak peek below, and for details go to Benefits page!

Lunch card

No need to prepare the lunch to work anymore!

Multisport cards

For those who love to be agile after hours.

Child insurance

To protect the smallest ones in your family.

My benefit cafeteria

Collect points and spend them on whatever you wish!

Private healthcare

We take care of you so you can take care of yourself.

Commuting allowance

Get to the office at low cost.

Great team

And working culture like no other.

Childcare allowance

Being a parent is not a piece of cake, but we want to make it easier.

Life insurance

We all need a sense of security.

Recruitment process

This is what you can expect after application.


Online application


Phone Screen


Language test and business case


Interview with HR Manager and Recruiter


Interview - (additional/optional, for selected roles)

Can’t wait to join us?

What else?

Get to know our team, take a peek at our office life and check out what we do in Allegro team!

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