Fostering loyalty among both buyers and sellers trough Allegro Gadane | Allegro Jobs

Fostering loyalty among both buyers and sellers trough Allegro Gadane

Allegro Gadane is a dedicated community service designed to assist Allegro customers and sellers. It is a valuable resource available to anyone seeking answers or guidance regarding their shopping or selling experience on Allegro. Community Gadane serves as a welcoming hub where individuals can engage in conversations with fellow Allegro users who share their interests and concerns.

What is Gadane?

Allegro Gadane is a community forum for buyers and sellers who possess in-depth knowledge of Allegro and are able to explain all the intricacies of various website functions. In addition to sellers and buyers, Allegro Gadane also welcomes Allegro employees every day, 365 days a year. Our primary tasks involve community development, ensuring rule compliance, and providing assistance to those with questions about Allegro. At the moment, Allegro Gadane consists of three thematic categories: one for buyers, one for sellers, and a product catalog. Additionally, there are over thirteen smaller thematic forums, concerning such topics as. Allegro Smart, Allegro One, Allegro Pay and Allegro Lokalnie. Gadane also features a blog where we share important community updates and significant changes within Allegro itself. We also have a thriving "Submit your idea" forum, which serves as a platform for anyone to share their proposals on how we can enhance our services and make positive changes to Allegro. 

Who is this place for?

Allegro Gadane is an inclusive space for anyone even remotely connected with Allegro. You can connect with buyers seeking answers or advice regarding their purchases and sellers who are happy to share their expertise and experience. You’ll also encounter people who simply wish to engage in conversations with fellow Allegro users,  as there are no off-limit topics in our community. 

How is working there for you? What's the atmosphere like?

The pace of work at Allegro Gadane is highly dynamic. Despite having been in existence for three years, we continue to evolve, proudly witnessing a steady increase in the number of visitors.  Month by month, our user base expands, leading to more inquiries and longer discussions on various Allegro-related topics, often filled with emotions that sometimes as moderators we have to cool down a bit. Currently, the team consists of five moderators and Maciej Śnieżek, a community manager who ensures Gadane's smooth functioning. If you would like to get to know us better, be sure to check out this page:, where each of us shared a bit more about ourselves.

What was the most original question asked?

Selecting a single most original question becomes challenging for us as we receive and respond to an abundance of inquiries every day.  After 3 years since the launch of Allegro Gadane, our users continue to amaze us :)

Have you managed to help someone in any unusual way?

Yes, one of the most memorable cases we encountered  is the story of Mr. Bartłomiej, who had been running his aquarium shop on Allegro for over a decade When Allegro Gadane was launched, he actively participated in the community helping less experienced sellers. Mr. Barłomiej was one of our most dedicated and helpful experts. In February 2021, a fire ravaged his home and business overnight, leaving him with extensive burns (face, arms, bronchi). He faced arduous rehabilitation in Siemianowice, but fortunately nothing happened to his family, wife and children, because they managed to escape. Minimizing the chances of additional trouble, Mr. Bartłomiej finished all his offers from the hospital and gave us information about the accident on Allegro Gadane. He asked us to postpone payments and sought help in recovering his losses. And it was at this moment that a great story began, showcased the strength of our community and our ability to respond to emergencies. Our customer experience team, upon being notified, promptly addressed all pending orders by explaining the seller's situation to concerned customers via email and telephone, issuing timely refunds.  When the seller's balance depleted, we took a decisive step to refund all buyers under the protection of Allegro Protect. Furthermore, in less than 24 hours, we entirely waived Mr. Bartłomiej's debts on Allegro. Throughout this ordeal we also supported the fundraiser for a new start for the family, as a result of which we raised almost PLN 80,000 with a large participation of the Allegro Gadane community.

Has the Gadane forum been appreciated?

Yes, in 2022 we competed alongside some of the largest companies in Poland in the Loyalty Heroes competition and won the main prize in the category of "The best use of social media in loyalty" :) In the competition project, we proved that Allegro Gadane, our own community, serves as an exceptional tool for fostering loyalty among both  buyers and sellers. Moreover, it proved to be a platform that fosters innovation in customer experience. We have created a space within social media where the most engaged group of Allegro users come together daily to share their invaluable knowledge and experiences, generously assisting not only one another but also our Allegro employees.

- Aleksandra Nowicka, Senior Community Moderator at Allegro Gadane, is here to address your questions. With a tenure at Allegro since 2019, she represents Szczecin in the Poznań communication and CX automation team. Aleksandra has been an integral part of the Allegro community, answering numerous inquiries, including the challenging ones, and assisting buyers and sellers daily. In her personal life, she's a passionate driver, a volleyball enthusiast, and has a deep affection for all things related to Argentina.