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Employee Volunteering at the largest horse sanctuary in Poland “TARA”

The phrase "I am a volunteer" evokes respect and admiration because we devote our time, effort, thoughts, and commitment to a cause beyond working hours. As Allegro employees and volunteers for TARA - the largest horse shelter in Poland - we see it differently, however. We believe that we received more than we had given ❤ We received a whole lot of positive energy from happy and rescued horses.

On Tuesday, June 20th, the CX Communication and Automation team consisting of me, Barbara Jamrozik-Kapela, Monika Ladwich, Dominik Szymański, Ola Kowalska, Wiktoria Bentkowska, Agata Voelkel from the PR Product Communications (accompanied by her son), went to Piskorzyna - the largest horse shelter in Poland called "TARA." TARA Shelter is one of the first places in Poland that was established in protest against the mistreatment of horses. It is here that many animals harmed by humans have found their sanctuary. It’s a place filled with extraordinary empathy. On this 33-hectare land, there are as many as 138 horses saved from slaughter, rescued from death. Their gratitude was visible in their eyes, and it deeply moved us. Working at the shelter was a great lesson in humility. We usually live fast, in stress and haste, chasing after some "better" and "more." But at TARA, time stood still, allowing us to turn towards different values.

It is a completely different experience to look at the stall you personally bedded for a horse. Every wheelbarrow taken out, every measured portion of oats, every combed mane is a fruit of provided support. The most valuable thing we could give was our dedicated time because today, few are willing to give it up selflessly. We hope that our stay at "TARA" will be a motivation for others to contribute and make this world a better place. You can already do that by donating 1.5% of your taxes or virtually adopting one of the horses. You can find all the information on the website:

https://fundacjatara.info/jak-pomagac/adopcje-wirtualne/ (how to help/virtual adoptions)

https://fundacjatara.info/dlaczego-warto-przekazac-1-podatku-na-konie/ (why it's worth donating 1% of taxes to horses)

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Karolina Kanar-Kossobudzka for her help in realizing this project :) I thank my leader - Marta Bączkowska, for allowing me to develop my passion beyond Allegro as well. Big thanks to Ola Lesiecka, Ola Nowicka, Natalia Jackowska, and Iza Palińska for taking over social responsibilities during the trip, and to the leaders: Maciej Śnieżek and Ania Zgórska for successfully reorganizing work in a way that allowed us to go in the largest group possible. I also thank everyone who wanted to join this project but couldn't for various reasons. I believe that we will repeat this action next year! And a big thanks to Allegro for supporting employee volunteering, creating space for development, and shaping a better future.

Paulina Gołaszewska, CX Social Media Expert

We also invite you to view the gallery from the event: