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Navigating change: the role of a Transformation Manager at Allegro

Let’s delve into the dynamic world of change management and discover key insights into the evolving landscape of work, the challenges and triumphs of transformation, and the unique culture at Allegro.

Adaptability in the face of change

In today's rapidly changing work environment adaptability holds great significance. The role of a Transformation Manager is like a chameleon – adjusting to different projects and teams, from commercial to technology and advertising. This adaptability is not just a professional requirement; it's a competency crucial for success in the ever-evolving job market.

Three models of transformation

There are three models within the Transformation Manager role: Interim Management, Project Work, and Advisory. Each model caters to specific needs, whether creating new positions, managing projects, or providing guidance. This flexible approach allows companies like Allegro to address challenges without the need for permanent specialized roles.

Key competencies for success

The skills of importance are definitely innovative thinking, analytical skills, continuous learning, critical thinking, and leadership abilities. These competencies are vital for navigating the unpredictable nature of transformation projects. In a world drowning in information, the ability to sift through data, synthesize, and make informed decisions is becoming increasingly valuable.

“The world we live in is changing a lot. We now have at our disposal much more information and data than we did a few or a dozen years ago. More important than having information is the ability to select the important ones from them and connect the dots between the dots to draw the right conclusions.“
- says Krystian Jackowski
Head of Group Monetization & Advertiser Lifecycle Management

Stress as a motivator

Contrary to common perception, Krystian views the continuous change in his role as more of a thrilling challenge than a source of stress. He believes that acknowledging imperfections and turning them into opportunities for development is the key to maintaining a positive mindset in the face of uncertainty.

The future careers

In exploring the dynamic landscape of future work, the discussion unveils a scenario where professionals may encounter multiple career shifts - even five to eight times in their life. That’s why acquiring competencies such as adaptability, critical thinking, and active learning are increasingly becoming prerequisites in the job market.

Allegro's unique culture

Krystian praises Allegro's culture, emphasizing its client-centric focus, diverse teams, and the ability to experiment and innovate even as a large company. The interview provides a glimpse into why working at Allegro is more than just a job – it's about making a real impact on solutions provided to clients.

“It is a certain part of our company's DNA -  the way we approach problem-solving, where a very large part of the challenges that we implement within the company are precisely the challenges implemented cross-team.”

Transformation Manager journey at Allegro unveils the exciting challenges and opportunities in the realm of continuous change. It sheds light on the competencies needed for success in the evolving job market and how Allegro's unique culture fosters a dynamic and engaging work environment. As the professional landscape continues to transform, embracing change and developing the right skills will be crucial for thriving in the future of work.

The article was based on Allegro Podcast s. 3 ep. 11
Listen to the full interview here