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The development of advisor in the area of Customer Experience

"...working in customer service is really a true challenge. It's like being a bit of an artist, a bit of a psychologist and a bit of a detective, but most of all - a superhero

- say our employees

In the dynamic realm of Customer Experience (CX), the role of Customer Service Specialist extends far beyond assisting customers—it's a continuous journey of personal and professional development. That’s why Allegro places a spotlight on the growth and enrichment of its CX employees. Dive in and discover the workshops and initiatives we offer our employees.

The AlleGROW Program

This is a program aimed at consultants, nominated by every teams’ leader, based on business coaching. Our work is based on set goals and measurable indicators for a specific period of time, usually five months. In addition to the coaching itself, we also use talent surveys according to the Gallup methodology, focusing on boosting the strengths. However, the Allegrow program is not only a development tool, it is also a time of reflection. It allows us to reflect on where we are, where we are going, and how we use our strengths at work. Participants rate the program very highly, and watching them grow makes us feel proud. 

Empowering leadership AlleLeader program

In the pursuit of professional growth, AlleLeader is an initiative designed for CX leaders. It includes a variety of workshops, covering both soft skills, such as communication and coaching, and hard skills, such as data analysis and work tools. In this context, Allegro realizes that harmonious functioning requires an integrated approach that puts an emphasis on raising the competencies of each team member. This program not only develops professionals in their specific domains but also nurtures personal growth, creating a holistic approach to development. 

Business coaching and individual workshops

We aim business coaching both at leaders and managers. We regularly meet individually with the leader or other person who has used our services. Our work focuses on leveraging strengths, development, and achieving set goals. Individual meetings, on the other hand, take varied forms depending on the needs. Sometimes we focus on improving performance or specific metrics, such as FCR or NPS. Other times we address specific development needs raised by the advisor or leader, which we then work on together. During these one-on-one meetings, we use coaching tools, but often we also reach for mentoring, introduce elements of psycho-education and provide specific tools that can be used in daily work to achieve specific goals.

Challenges, skills and exceptional people

Customer Experience work is not just about routine interactions with customers or partners. It's a real art of communicating with diverse personalities and moods, being able to put customers at ease and effectively solve the most unusual and complicated problems. This requires not only communication skills, but also patience. However, the superpowers of our advisors do not end with interpersonal or technical skills. Our team also has an extensive knowledge base, which we are constantly expanding. It is this combination of skills and knowledge that makes them extremely valuable to Allegro.

“Working in Allegro's CX department is more than a job—it's a journey. It's about challenges that extend beyond routine customer interactions, a commitment to continuous learning, and being part of a community that values each individual. The artistry of customer service at Allegro is a testament to the company's belief that development is not just a part of the job; it's the heart of the Allegro experience”

- Says Małgorzata Hybińska, Trainer

The article was based on Allegro Podcast s. 3 ep. 04